This web site has been set up so that anyone may read the words given to me by the Spirit GYRON through my Clairsentience. They are not my words which is why I say they are Via myself and I take no credit for the wisdom which they expound, therefore any answers to questions you may wish to ask will only be My Interpretation of what the words mean.

Clairsentience is a sensing of the presence of spirit, and the ability to recognise that they are putting words into my mind just as you sometimes can sense that someone is close to you, say in the dark, and/or you know what they are thinking.

I would advise you to read one Sitting at a time and to stop and think about it before going on to the next one. I have included All of the Sittings even though some of them are solely help and advise for myself but they may give a little understanding to any of you who are interested in the workings of Spirit Writing.


  • Please feel free to pass on this file to anyone who wishes to read it, either as a disc, email, file for their computer, or in printed form if they do not have a computer.
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